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Card Design

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Here's why 100,000+ businesses have chosen DesignCrowd:

  • Save money & time

    Our card design starts at a low price with options to meet any budget. On average card projects start to receive designs within a few hours.

  • More creativity

    With freelance card designers across the globe competing on your project, you'll receive heaps of cards ideas - you just need to choose the best.

  • A world of card design

    Professional freelance card designers around the world ready to create you the perfect card.

  • Money back guarantee*

    If you're not satisfied with the card designs and don't get the perfect card for your business, get your money back*

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Get a better card design for less

Use DesignCrowd's creative community to get your perfect card at a price that fits your budget.

Step 1

Launch your project

Tell us what you need, complete your creative brief in a matter of minutes.

Step 2

Get custom designs

Receive unique card designs from around the world within hours.

Step 3

Choose the best card

Select and approve your favorite design and download the files.

226 Successful Card Projects

Winning Card Designer: Shehan Kaushalya

Playing Cards for Couples

I’d like a design of a deck of cards (standard 52 cards with 2 jokers) specifically for couples. The cards should be quirky, cute and romantic.

Winning Card Designer: Shehan Kaushalya
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Romantic cards Design cards Playing cards
  • Number of designers 4 designers
  • Number of designs 16 designs
  • Budget £60
Winning Card Designer: Scelatio

Astral Maths Game Card

We need two sides of a game card to be designed (which will be the same size as a bridge playing card). On the front or face side, there will be a...

Winning Card Designer: Scelatio
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Cute cards Orange cards Image cards Education cards
  • Number of designers 6 designers
  • Number of designs 18 designs
  • Budget £110
Winning Card Designer: virtuegroup

Online business requires a Thank you card with care instructions

We are a start up online business that sells home and kitchen products. Please visit our www.acreson.com to know more about our company, products a...

Winning Card Designer: virtuegroup
  • Number of designers 2 designers
  • Number of designs 14 designs
  • Budget A$50
Winning Card Designer: Lanka Ama

Christmas Card 2017

We are looking for a Christmas Card that uses our team photo and our logo. We would also like our demographic information used as follows: 450 B...

Winning Card Designer: Lanka Ama
  • Number of designers 4 designers
  • Number of designs 7 designs
  • Budget US$100
Winning Card Designer: javi_hobby

Christmas Card Design for Halcyon Project Management Ltd

Halcyon Project Management Ltd is a start up business in the construction project management field and we have been working hard this year at makin...

Winning Card Designer: javi_hobby
  • Number of designers 5 designers
  • Number of designs 9 designs
  • Budget NZ$50
Winning Card Designer: MIND

New Zealand Chinese Snowpsorts Association needs a membership card design

We need a member card design for our snowboarding and ski club. Our club provides snow sports related services and activities for the Chinese commu...

Winning Card Designer: MIND
  • Number of designers 17 designers
  • Number of designs 25 designs
  • Budget NZ$150
Winning Card Designer: AbyJohns

New Design for our Credit tank Cards.

Our company has petrol stations in Spain and the rest of Europe. We are specialized on the international transport companies. For this we have our ...

Winning Card Designer: AbyJohns
  • Number of designers 7 designers
  • Number of designs 27 designs
  • Budget €60
Winning Card Designer: Buney

Best On Ground - "BOG" - Australian Rules Football stylised card game

I need 11 playing cards designed with unique fronts and all with the same back. The theme is Australian Rules Football, but it is not licensed so ...

Winning Card Designer: Buney
  • Number of designers 4 designers
  • Number of designs 17 designs
  • Budget A$140
Winning Card Designer: rdesign12

Design for Cards used in Corporate Leadership and Communications Card Game

Background: Operating Principals is an organizational development consulting firm that helps organizations improve leadership, communications, and t…

Winning Card Designer: rdesign12
  • Number of designers 4 designers
  • Number of designs 17 designs
  • Budget US$130
Winning Card Designer: Atvento Graphics

IT Company seeking creative modern BUSINESS CARD DESIGN!

We are a full service IT company located in California. We specialize in offering computer network support to small to medium to enterprise sized bu…

Winning Card Designer: Atvento Graphics
  • Number of designers 6 designers
  • Number of designs 45 designs
  • Budget US$190

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